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Resource offers its clients a broad range of corporate real estate advisory, transaction, and asset management services. Our principals have a wealth of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate, allowing us to address any real estate issue a client may have. While our principals provide strategic expertise and management oversight, our scalable "Best-of-Class" service model allows us to address issues small or large and to work on a single or multiple transactions in single or multiple markets.

We bring a principal's view to every assignment, working closely with the client as a trusted advisor. We view the client’s real estate interests as unique assets that need to be strategically analyzed and managed. Accordingly our services begin with strategic planning - analyzing the client’s real estate assets and needs, identifying the relevant issues, developing an understanding of the client’s business goals, and then crafting a game plan that ties the real estate plan to those goals.

Team Approach

Once the strategic planning effort is complete, Resource executes the plan, assembling and managing a team of selected professionals to assure that the desired results are delivered. For each assignment Resource assembles a customized project team comprised of both in-house professionals and independent contractors. Our project team members are creative problem solvers, entrepreneurial thinkers and results-oriented tacticians. Each team member is a valued contributor and is motivated to participate fully in problem solving. Depending on the assignment, a team may include architects, engineers, facilities specialists, real estate brokers, and construction managers. Attorneys, accountants and property tax specialists, and other real estate experts may supplement the team on a case by case basis. All team selections will be reviewed with the client and are subject to the client's approval.

Our approach to transaction management includes the direct personal involvement of our principals to make sure that the client's objectives are kept paramount, whether the assignment is site selection, lease negotiation, project development, or asset management. Our principals monitor progress toward goals and regularly report and consult with the client.

Strategic Services

Strategic Planning and Asset Management

Resource develops strategic real estate plans based on the integration of the client's business objectives with an optimal real estate solution. As part of this process, Resource performs a business and operations review to develop the appropriate real estate objectives and strategy. Resource conducts a comprehensive market and facilities analysis to determine the most viable implementation approach. As a trusted business advisor we customarily have access to the client's senior executives and decision-makers and to all relevant data and information. In this way we can offer the insight and judgment of seasoned real estate executives in developing the best real estate strategy for the client.

Financial Engineering and Modeling

Using sophisticated real estate financial modeling techniques, Resource analyzes and identifies financial issues and develops projections for the client, bearing in mind the client’s financial and operational objectives. These can be designed to respond to corporate financial objectives such as reduced occupancy costs and maximized asset valuation. Financial models can also be used to provide measurable goals for evaluating our success.

Acquisition Analysis and Due Diligence

For various capital sources, we provide acquisition analysis and due diligence for the acquisition of single assets and multi-asset portfolios. Our extensive brokerage and capital markets contacts combined with our experience as investors and managers allow us to quickly evaluate the strength of local markets and specific assets in each market. We have the experience to quickly assemble, coordinate, and manage an experienced team to underwrite and provide due diligence on multiple assets in multiple markets.

Transaction Services

Transaction Structuring and Management

Understanding that growth and flexibility are two of the most critical factors impacting real estate decisions from a corporate perspective, Resource works diligently with Landlords, brokers, and clients to ensure that transactions achieve the real estate objectives of the organization throughout the term of occupancy or investment. This involves planning to include expansion and contraction as well as providing exit strategies to protect client flexibility and financial exposure. In many cases, time is critical and each Resource principal is dedicated to achieving the client's deadlines.

Transaction structuring and management may include due diligence investigations, site selection, RFP development, proposal analysis, legal and accounting consultation, and the review of legal documentation. It will typically include direct negotiation participation by our principals. Consistent transaction quality is achieved through centralized management by our principals and the use of standard document templates provided to the team for use in the local market, such as:

- Non Disclosure Agreement
- Commission Sharing Agreement
- Scatter-gram Maps covering Employees, Client Competitors and Customers
- Request for Proposal
- Tour Package Specifications
- Building/Site Evaluation Form
- Space Projections

Development Management

If the client wishes to develop its own real estate facilities either as the developer or in conjunction with a developer, Resource can act as the client's development manager. In this role, we either manage the development project directly, or act as the “owner’s representative” in overseeing a third-party developer’s execution of the project.

Tenant Construction Management

As a client's "Owner's Representative" Resource oversees the entire process of transitioning into a new facility. Assistance is provided for planning and researching the requirement, selecting the Best of Class architect and contractor, developing budgets and schedules, and then managing the process to deliver on-time and within budget.

Site Analysis and Selection

Resource manages and coordinates the evaluation of all relevant risk aspects of the physical site, including soils and environmental; the facility, including space and structure; as well as financing and entitlement issues pertaining to the property. We analyze candidate facilities for the feasibility of upgrading building systems and modifying space plans to maximize usage.

Purchase/Sale or Lease Negotiation and Lease Restructuring

Resource is highly qualified to represent the client in working with brokers and attorneys on both sides of the table to negotiate leases or purchase and sale agreements, and can directly negotiate such agreements on behalf of the client if requested. Leases might be new or renewal leases, or may involve lease restructurings such as “blend and extend” negotiations.

Property and Facilities Management

Resource analyzes property and facility management operations and contracts, and can assist the client in outsourcing these responsibilities to qualified service providers. Facilities management analysis might include a review of procurement policies and contracts, time and motion analysis, or union contract negotiations.

On-Going Portfolio Management, Lease Administration& Reconciliations

Resource provides on-going portfolio management including lease administration, calendaring notices or event triggers, assistance with Landlord operating expense reconciliations and Landlord notices such as estoppels, options and letter of credit cancellations. We can advise on cost effective software for a lease administration system for the client to monitor its lease obligations and opportunities on an ongoing basis.